See what our customers are saying. 

Our 3 year old daughter has had very dry skin and a skin rash regardless of the moisturizers and bath related items we would add to the water. This was so bad that it would wake her up almost every night with an itching sensation. Since we installed both systems in our home, her skin related problems have all gone away.

Over the last 12 years the water quality had degraded to the point where it got so bad we began buying cases and cases of spring water. We stopped using our ice maker because it had such a bad taste in the ice. However, you don’t realize the difference in your water quality until you have the water softener and RO filter. Then you begin to notice not only the wonderful taste of a glass of water, but your coffee and pasta that you make in your now purified water all have a very noticeable taste difference.
— Dan and Margaret T., Vineland, NJ


"Thank you and your staff for your prompt response to our recent sewer emergency.  Despite the uncooperative weather conditions your entire team did an outstanding job!  I appreciate all of the attention and financial consideration you extended to me and my family"

 - David & Barbara J

I want to thank you for your efforts to solve our recent heater problem. Your determination to resolve the problem was greatly appreciated. The fact that you saved us from the major expense of buying a new heater was wonderful!
— Larry and Sue
I wanted to be sure to tell you how much me and my family appreciated your help. We were very appreciative that Jim went out of his way to help us like he did.
— Dennis C.
Thank you for your prompt service dealing with my water treatment system. Your serviceman was here at the time promised and did an excellent job explaining what needed to be done and how to care for my water system. Most importantly, he cleaned whatever mess he made. So many times after having work done on the house, I’m left to clean the debris.
— Fran P.
The staff at the store are very friendly, knowledgeable, and informative. The technician who installed the unit was very polite and the workmanship was neat and clean. Excellent professional people with which to do business.The WaterCare system works wonderfully! We noticed an instant difference in the quality of our water.
— R.F., Vineland, NJ
I wanted to thank you working with me in a long distance effort to get a water treatment system installed in my mother’s home in Upper Deerfield. The information you communicated to me and the literature you mailed were instrumental in the decision to select your company to do the work.

From the time he arrived to when he departed, your technician was a professional in every sense of the word. His uniform was clean and crisp, he was polite and respectful, and he took great care when carrying parts, supplies, and tools from his vehicle into the house. When asked, he explained the functions of each of the system components he was installing and when he finished he advised me of what the homeowner needed to know about care and maintenance.
— Martin K.