CareSoft Pro RC Series® Conditioners


Whether you have municipal water that is hard or chlorinated, WaterCare's CareSoft Pro RC Series® water conditioners deliver the clear, soft, odor-free water you want and need. Its environmentally-friendly tank design eliminates the need for two systems by combining two types of media into one tank. The activated carbon removes chlorine and other unwanted tastes while the high capacity resin is used for the maximum in softening capabilities.

  • Special "mid-plate" design — eliminates the need for two tanks
  • Proven savings — ensures minimal operating costs of all other household water-using appliances
  • Advanced monitoring — tracks and self-adjusts to water usage patterns or changes
  • Programmable operation — matches system performance to your water conditions and needs
  • Single tank design — causes less pressure drops
  • Efficient to operate — uses less water and energy, less wear on clothing and appliances