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A.R. Sauro WaterCare offers a comprehensive water analysis to determine your water treatment needs.

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CareSoft and Careclear Pro

CareSoft and Careclear Pro

Quality water is often taken for granted. Yet, water touches our lives in so many ways. Today, it's more important than ever that we make our water good for life.

Households differ from one another, and so do their water needs. That's why WaterCare manufactures a broad line of water conditioning systems and filters — each designed to treat different water problems. Wherever water may touch your life; in the bath, for household cleaning, doing laundry and dishes, or for drinking and cooking. WaterCare has proven solutions that work.

TransWeb, Vineland, NJ

TransWeb, Vineland, NJ

WaterCare offers a variety of options for commercial softening and conditioning, available for almost any application in the field.

WaterCare can offer equipment dependent on water quality and flow rate using a variety of conditioning media types, media tanks and valves.


Bottled water is bulky and expensive. Most bottles do not get recycled - they end up in landfills.

According to nationally known author, Peter Gleick in his book Bottled & Sold, The story behind our obsession with bottled water

"Every second of every day in the United States, one thousand people buy a plastic bottle of water, and every second of every day one thousand people throw one of those bottles away." 

At this time in our world history it's prudent to think about the impact of plastic pollution on future generations. 

You can have clean contaminate free water right at your tap for pennies a day.

Go green, go bottle free!